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Welcome to my biking page!Herbert on the road-bike 2006

Why and since when?

Since 2001 I ride quite a lot of bike, since 2002 Road-Bike (sometimes called race-bike). I started this in order to loose weight (which worked actually). In the meantime this is my main hobby, when looking at the effort/duration. In Spring/Summer/Autumn I ride between 10-15 hours, in the winter still 4-6 hours (at home on the ergometer or if weather allows with MTB/Crossbike in the forest).

My Bike Tours / Marathons

Biking is still a hobby for me. Although I am member of the biking club Böblingen, I only ride for fun, I do not participate in races / competitions.

Yearly Distance

  • 2002: 6228km Total (~2000km Ergometer, 4228km road-bike)
  • 2003: 8283km Total (3166km Ergometer, 4899km road-bike, 218km normal bike)
  • 2004: 8843km Total (6635km Ergometer, 2208km road-bike, 89km normal bike)
  • 2005: 9035km Total (4704km Ergometer, 4330km road-bike)
  • 2006: 11916km Total (4759km Ergometer, 7157km road-bike)
  • 2007: 7173km Total (1115km Ergometer, 6058km road-bike)
  • 2008: 6569km Total (1715km Ergometer, 4494km road-bike, 360km normal bike)
  • 2009: 9910km Total (3179km Ergometer, 6526km road-bike, 205km normal bike)
  • 2010: 6031km Total (156km Ergometer, 4697km road-bike, 1178km mountain bike)
  • 2011: 5489km Total (238km Ergometer, 4250km road-bike, 1001km mountain bike)
  • 2012: 6339km Total ( 0km  Ergometer,  5550km road-bike, 789km mountain bike)
  • 2013: 6315km Total (960km Ergometer, 5225km road-bike, 130km mountain bike)
  • 2014: 7059km Total (7005km road-bike, 54km mountain-bike)
  • 2015: 9771km Total (7802km road-bike, 949km mountain-bike, 1020km Ergometer)
  • 2016: 11561km Total (8766km road-bike, 1385km Mountainbike/Cyclocross, 1387km Ergometer)
  • 2017: 9791km Total (8285km road-bike, 1173km Mountainbike/Cyclocross, 333km Ergometer)
  • 2018: 9791km Total (7692km road-bike, 305km Mountainbike/Cyclocross, 672km Ergometer)
  • current statistic…

Comment: the bike-season for me starts October 1st and ends September 30th

My Biking Blog

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