Bike Season 2013 finished

For me the bike reason goes from October 1st to September 30th. So today was the last tour of the season, all tours still coming in 2013 will count to the season 2014 as “winter training”.

So what’s the statistic for the year?

  • At the end of December and in January, a couple of times working on the Ergometer in the living room, 960km to be more exact. Not enough to really conserve fitness into the spring, so I had to start slowly again.
  • Road-bike:
    • 5225 km in total, 57 tours, average 91,7km per tour;
      comparing to last year, a bit less km, fewer tours, but longer tours.
    • In total 210 hours of riding time; 25,22km/h total average speed
    • 43.300 meters total altitude
    • 34 Tours < 100km (Ø 70,1 km; 555m altitude, 25,19 km/h)
    • 23 Tours > 100km (Ø 123,6 km; 1063m altitude, 25,26 km/h)
  • Mountainbike: only used 4 times, 130km

Already looking forward to the next season (and hopefully that starts on coming Thursday) 🙂 and a “golden autumn”.

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