Migrating the multi-languange plugin

In the last 2 days I did some maintenance work on my Web-site (as I’m on vacation 😉 ). About 2 years ago, when I started using WordPress, after an evaluation phase, I started to use qtranslate as WP-Plugin. It did exactly what I wanted, lightweight, and well supported, making it easy to blog in multiple languages.

About 6 months later the author obviously got a new job and had no time anymore for the plugin maintenance. Soon after the problems started, and it became a pain. With WP 3.6 it will stop working altogether… so I had to migrate.

So I had to go back and evaluate plugins and decided for WPML. I bought the “CMS” Version and since yesterday work on the migration of the live-site. Sunday/Monday I did several test migrations on my laptop to verify what needs to be done.

Conclusion: it works, but the migration causes a lot of manual cleanup work.

Current status: the “pages” should all be OK (meaning status as before), but the blog-entries are not yet “clean”. Some of the German entries contain all 3 languages beneath each other, but the entries do not show up at all in their respective translated versions. This needs to be cleaned manually.

If I have time and feel like it after finishing the work, I may write a more complete report, how the migration worked step by step.

Black-Forest Tour via Altensteig and Simmersfeld

The tour today: from the bike-club in Böblingen via Ehningen, Kuppingen, Mötzingen, Iselshausen, Unter-/Oberschwandorf, Egenhausen to Altensteig. On the road downhills from Egenhausen to Altensteig there is a great view on Altensteig, good opportunity for a small break and calorie-intake in form of a Banana.

Blick auf Altensteig

Afterwards down to Altensteig, but immediately up the hill again via Überberg to Simmersfeld. From there onwards via Aichhalden, Hofstett and Neuweiler to Bad Teinach. From there it’s one last uphill section via Wildberg and GĂŒltlingen to Deckenprfonn… and then rolling easily back home via GĂ€rtringen and Ehningen.

After the flat but very fast tour yesterday (Saturday), this was a pretty heavy tour today, pretty tired legs in the end. But it’s always very, very nice in the black forest, worth it, every kilometer: 127,6 km with 1340 meter altitude and avg speed 24,2 kmh.