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AI and the Future: Why Technology Favors Tyranny

On I found once again an interesting Article: Why Technology Favors Tyranny. The Abstract on piqd is in German, while the original article is in English.

The internet started out to bring us all more democracy and all people the ability to participate. In the last years it looks like the big companies have taken over the power, but also the states (who complain about the big companies, and vice versa).

The technologies that emerged around the internet can only be developed and maintained with massive investment / money and evolved further. Individuals can’t really do that much themselves, and are going back to being consumers and are dependent on what is provided to them. Who has the power, has the say, and that also allows tyrants to gain more power and control over people than ever before.

Is the right? It is at least an interesting viewpoint to think about and consider.

Teamwork in the digital age

Once again on piqd I found this article: What Sets Effective Teams Apart?

I think this is a really good article. Sometimes there are jobs for the single achiever, but the majority of work can only be achieved in teamwork. To put together such teams requires a good insight into how teams work and how to foster collaboration with different personalities that make up teams.

A important part is “safety”. The safety to be able to criticize when applicable, the safety to bring up new and radical ideas and the feeling of safety when at times there is a failure… that this is not a drama.


50 years: 2001 – A Space Odyssey

This movie was originally not a big success. But from the beginning something like a cult movie. Stanley Kubrick drove a few people almost nuts when he realized this in his perfectionist way.

Clearly as many movies, this is a matter of personal likes. It is for sure one of my favourites.

What many people don’t know is that this is not a movie made from the book of Arthur C Clarke, but Clarke and Kubrick wrote the script together and the book was only published after the movie.

I found an interesting article on WIRED which analyses in quite some details bout technical details of the movie. About what turned into reality, what didn’t, what might have been visionary. Very interesting to read.

The trailer (re-release 2014) on Youtube:

… to get the FooFighters to Italy

Really bad luck that Dave Grohl broke his leg during a gig a few days, before the concert in St. Gallen was planned, where I had a ticket. So I have to wait some more time until I can see FF again.

Looks like the FooFighters haven’t been to Italy before. And what these guys and girls do to change that… is great. And I think their dream will become true… soon 🙂