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Training in the Allgäu

From Friday 24.6. until Sunday 3.7. I took a long week vacation  in Nesselwang, Allgäu, or to be more specific, a short training camp. The weather was OK, especially compared to the weeks of rain we had recently. Out of 10 days it rained on 2 and I could do 8 nice tours on my road bike.

Apart from my usual smaller tours, I was able to try out a few new routes. One was on totally deserted side-roads (mostly closed for traffic, but well paved) from Forggensee to a very nice church, the “Wies-Kirche”, to Oberammergau … a really nice route with no cars, only farms and cows. After a few years, I again took up the challenge over the Riedbergpass  and returning via a parallel valley where a nice paved track (closed for car traffic) exists that I didn’t know yet. This one was the top-tour of the week.

The first few days I was alone, Peter joined Wednesday, after he had participated in the Alb-Extrem on Sunday. So we did the second half of the week together. On Monday I returned home and Peter did another long tour, over the Hahntennjoch and Arlberg.

In total I did 8 Tours with 1.032 km and 10.990m of altitude. I’m quite happy with that 🙂

The most interesting routes I have put up on GPSies in the Allgäu Folder. Always very nice is the Namlos-Tour, and of course the new Tour Wieskirch-Oberammergau and the route over the Riedbergpass (to Balderschwang and back via Oberstdorf) with its steep climbs of ~16-18% and ~600m altitude on ~6km.

(The altitude of the tracks on GPSies is usually about 20% too high, in comparison to my barometric speedometer).

Hindelang, Oberjoch, Valley of Tannheim

On Wednesday I went to the Allgäu, a region in the south of Germany, close to the border to Austria. On Wednesday and Thursday a fellow rider was also here in the same town, so we did two tours together. A small and fast one with 60km to warm up on Wednesday, small Tannheimer-Tal tour (GPSies), … and on Thursday a long one with 1330m altutide and 120km, the Namlos-Tour. Unfortunately it rained. The tour itself is great, but we had two times rain for several kilometres, so it was a hard day.

On Friday it rained, so one day to relax. Today I did again a nice tour, via Wertach to Sonthofen and Hindelang and from there climbing the pass up to Oberjoch. Picture from a view-point near Oberjoch:


From the view point I continued to Oberjoch and down into the valley of Tannheim. As I was there early, I did a small detour to the Vilsalpsee:


From there I went to Grän and returned via Pfronten to Nesselwang. Nice tour with 86,6km and 900m altitude (Route on GPSies). Will see if I have enough power tomorrow for a big one…