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Why Germans Work Fewer Hours But Product More

If you work, like me, in a large international company and work with colleagues from many other countries, you are regularly confronted with the prejudice that Germans work so few hours and have so many holidays/vacation days.

Well, some of it is simply wrong (like having many public holidays, but thats a separate article), and then … could it be that this is part of why we are so productive? Because we really work, when we work?

Although this article is already from 2014, I just stumbled across it a few days ago when browsing some of the blogs that I follow:

Why Germans Work Fewer Hours But Produce More: A Study In Culture

Reading this takes you about 10 minutes or so … interestingly, the comments section below takes more than 90% of the web-page… some interesting stuff there also and the usual debate about “what is wrong” and “why its right”… didn’t read too much of it…

As I am German, I am by nature sceptical and do not have a tendency to be overly proud of myself or country. But I do think that some of that may be true… isn’t it?

Frankfurter Brett

My new kitchen tool. A very useful cutting board, with metal frames, where standardized containers can be “plugged in”. Thereby it is possible to put the cut vegetables (or other things) directly into the containers, keep them apart from trash (put into dedicated trash container). Very nice tools and high quality, I could really recommend this for people who like to cook regularly.

The Frankfurter Brett – Project-Seite –  Page at Kickstarter

Schneidebrett für die Küche - Kickstarter
Cutting board for the kitchen – Kickstarter Project