Track Bike

A few weeks ago I was again on the Track in Öschelbronn, after several months, because it rained that Sunday. As always, I rented a bike there… afterwards I resisted the urge to buy such a bike. You can rent it for only 8€, you would have to ride very, very often for that to make commercial sense.

On the other side, you have to get the bike from the Garage each time, mount the pedals, adjust the saddle height and also the saddle doesn’t really fit to your own “back side”. All not really very good reasons to spend money, for a few training rides of 2 hours each, per year.

After 2 years and 3 days, my resistance was broken. My Cinelli Tipo Pista 🙂

Cinelli Tipo Pista, Bahnstadion in Öschelbronn
Cinelli Tipo Pista, Bahnstadion in Öschelbronn

Frankfurter Brett

My new kitchen tool. A very useful cutting board, with metal frames, where standardized containers can be “plugged in”. Thereby it is possible to put the cut vegetables (or other things) directly into the containers, keep them apart from trash (put into dedicated trash container). Very nice tools and high quality, I could really recommend this for people who like to cook regularly.

The Frankfurter Brett – Project-Seite –  Page at Kickstarter

Schneidebrett für die Küche - Kickstarter
Cutting board for the kitchen – Kickstarter Project