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Track Bike

A few weeks ago I was again on the Track in Öschelbronn, after several months, because it rained that Sunday. As always, I rented a bike there… afterwards I resisted the urge to buy such a bike. You can rent it for only 8€, you would have to ride very, very often for that to make commercial sense.

On the other side, you have to get the bike from the Garage each time, mount the pedals, adjust the saddle height and also the saddle doesn’t really fit to your own “back side”. All not really very good reasons to spend money, for a few training rides of 2 hours each, per year.

After 2 years and 3 days, my resistance was broken. My Cinelli Tipo Pista 🙂

Cinelli Tipo Pista, Bahnstadion in Öschelbronn
Cinelli Tipo Pista, Bahnstadion in Öschelbronn

Training auf der Bahn in Öschelbronn

When we checked the weather forecast yesterday… misery. We were lucky this winter season, we could ride outside almost each weekend, MTB/Cross or even road-bike. But for this Sunday… rain. But then the idea … why not go once again to the  cycle track in Öschelbronn? As we got that idea only late Saturday evening, only a short  WhatsApp info got out and Ralf, Jörg and I went there, as there is open training for everybody, Sundays 10:00-12:00am.

It’s almost a year since I was there the last time… I thought I would need more time, but I felt home almost immediately. 2 rounds to warm up and then get into the first group. Today there were a lot of strong cyclists on the track. So there was always 1 fast and 1 super-fast group 🙂 . Twice I joined a super-fast group for several rounds, first in the back of the group in the wind-shade but with the regular changes, I also got my turn in the front with 5 fast rounds. Wow, what great fun!

And I have to say, 1 1/2 hours of cycling track, going fast at times, is quite tiring, I can feel my legs… But this is so much fun, I guess we will repeat this again in the near future.

One of the guys from the club RSV Öschelbronn recently put a video with impressions on YouTube: