This is the private Web-Site of the Family Neugebauer in Holzgerlingen.

This site is purely private and informal, there is nothing to buy or sell here.

This site is maintained by Herbert Neugebauer. For any questions, problems or complaints, please contact Herbert, the WebMaster.

Data/Information storage and protection:

This Website is hosted in Germany. If you register yourself as User or post a comment, your personal information is stored in the database of the Website in Germany. If you have a problem with that, then please do not register and do not post comments. If you already entered data you want to get deleted, please contact the Webmaster (see Email above). He will as soon as possible on request delete any article, page, comment and other User related information.

Use of Antispam Bee to prevent comment spam

This Site uses the Antispam Bee Plugin . With the support of this plugin comments are analyzed whether they are real or comment-SPAM. In order to achieve this, the entered data in the comment is stored locally for some time. For additional validation, the IP-Address (and only the IP-Address, no other data) is sent to the Service of Stop Forum Spam. There the IP-Address is checked against a database of known spammers. If you do not like this, then do not write comments.

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