Near the end of my studies in 1993, I spent three months (plus one month vacation) as an Intern at HP in the US, in the Medical Devision of HP Labs.

What’s Eurostudents?

The EuroStudents program was a program run by HP in the 1990s where students from all over Europe got the chance to work for three months in the US in an internship. Unfortunately the official program was stopped end of the nineties, when the person in the US, who mainly drove the organization there, retired from HP. Today some HP students in Germany still get the chance for an US internship, through the network in HP as a worldwide operating company.

You can for sure guess that we had a lot of fun there… as some of the picture show at the end of this page…

If you try to spot me, … I changed a little since ’93… Lost beard and a little hair and a lot of weight…

Further Contacts

… the only true Karl Schricker.
If you are a former EuroStudent, please get in touch in Karl, so that he can maintain the consolidated contact list. If you do not have his email address, you can ask me.
There also is a Mailing List maintained by Karl. It’s really nice to stay in touch from time to time.

A precious little artifact from the old time: the EuroStudent Guide 1998 (PDF). At that time the world did not change yet as fast as today, so giving tips to the guys one year later still made sense… today you get the tips in the internet and in social networks.


… that much for nostalgia 😉

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