Bike-Season 2014 finished

For me the bike reason goes from October 1st to September 30th. So yesterday was the last tour of the season, all tours still coming in 2014 will count to the season 2015 as “winter training”.

So what’s the statistic for the year?

  • The winter was “bad”, very lazy, didn’t do anything except for some “spinning” (term?) in the sports-center with our bike-club trainer. So the season had to start with Mallorca, which was really great. Also this year I had a lot of motivated and fit participants for the bike tours of the club… that was really a lot of fun.
  • Road-Bike:
    • 7005 km total, 84 tours, average 84,4km / tour; more km than last years and more tours. More shorter tours (due to the additional Thursday evening, but fast ones).
    • Total 276 hours of cycling time; 26,08km/h average across all tours
    • 67.000 m of total altitude
    • 57 Tours < 100km (Ø 63,8 km; with 516m altitude, 26,52 km/h)
    • 26 Tours > 100km (Ø 129,6 km; w. 1442m altitude, 25,1 km/h)
  • Mountainbike: only one tour, ~54km

Already looking forward to the next season and a “golden autumn”.

Link to my biking-page