Bike-Season 2012 finished

For me the bike reason goes from October 1st to September 30th. So today was the last tour of the season, all that comes next in autumn and winter is recovery, and to conserve hopefully the fitness.

Although it was relatively cool today, I felt quite good and did a easy and flat tour: 100,5km, 27,4 km/h avg. speed and about 550m altitude.

So what’s the statistic for the year?

  • No Ergometer-KM in winter/spring, leading to bad form in the beginning
  • Road/Race-bike:
    • 5550 km total, 79 tours, average 71,8km per tour
    • Altogether 226h 38m riding time; 25,28km/h average across all tours
    • 46.020 meters combined altitude gain
    • 62 Tours < 100km (Ø 60,1 km; with 471m altitude)
    • 17 Tours > 100km (Ø 114,6 km; with 988m altitude)
  • Mountainbike: less data …
    • 789 km on 17 tours, mostly prepared forest gravel roads, no “Trails”
    • On Average 46,4km with 415m altitude gain
    • In total 39h 4m riding time and a total of 7.055m altitude gain

It took quite some time in Spring to get back into “form”, but now at the end, I felt quite good. I’m looking forward to the next coming season…

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