Training auf der Bahn in Öschelbronn

When we checked the weather forecast yesterday… misery. We were lucky this winter season, we could ride outside almost each weekend, MTB/Cross or even road-bike. But for this Sunday… rain. But then the idea … why not go once again to the  cycle track in Öschelbronn? As we got that idea only late Saturday evening, only a short  WhatsApp info got out and Ralf, Jörg and I went there, as there is open training for everybody, Sundays 10:00-12:00am.

It’s almost a year since I was there the last time… I thought I would need more time, but I felt home almost immediately. 2 rounds to warm up and then get into the first group. Today there were a lot of strong cyclists on the track. So there was always 1 fast and 1 super-fast group 🙂 . Twice I joined a super-fast group for several rounds, first in the back of the group in the wind-shade but with the regular changes, I also got my turn in the front with 5 fast rounds. Wow, what great fun!

And I have to say, 1 1/2 hours of cycling track, going fast at times, is quite tiring, I can feel my legs… But this is so much fun, I guess we will repeat this again in the near future.

One of the guys from the club RSV Öschelbronn recently put a video with impressions on YouTube: