My new bike: Ridley X-Trail

Yesterday I got my new bike: Ridley X-Trail

Unfortunately the weather was turning bad just exactly this weekend … the first real snow of the season. Well, tough luck… the bike had to be tested..

An “All-Road” or “Cross” bike has to stand that … and so do I…

Ridley XTrail - Nach erster Fahrt ... gleich im Schnee
Ridley XTrail – After the first tour … a snow tour
Ridley X-Trail - Nach erster Fahrt ... Schnee verstopft Schaltung
Ridley X-Trail – After the first tour … the fresh wet snow blocked the gear shifter

Frankfurter Brett

My new kitchen tool. A very useful cutting board, with metal frames, where standardized containers can be “plugged in”. Thereby it is possible to put the cut vegetables (or other things) directly into the containers, keep them apart from trash (put into dedicated trash container). Very nice tools and high quality, I could really recommend this for people who like to cook regularly.

The Frankfurter Brett – Project-Seite –  Page at Kickstarter

Schneidebrett für die Küche - Kickstarter
Cutting board for the kitchen – Kickstarter Project