More biking …

For a number of years I participate in the organized tours of my club  RSG and for the last 3-4 years, I organize the tours (RSG-Website, in German). Recently Brigitte who organizes the Holzgerlinger Lauftreff asked me if I could organize the routes for a few bike enthusiasts on Thursdays in the evening. So I volunteered spontaneously.

Last Thursday was the first tour, and I think it went pretty well. Every new group must learn a bit the coordination. We “lost contact” twice, and were a little disorganized to find us again, so finally we arrived back in two groups. Nothing that could not be solved the next time. The speed was a little bit high at times, again communication is something that can be learned 🙂

Although the forecast is really cold, we’ll do the second turn tomorrow. Looking forward to it and hope that people will come again and were not discouraged by the first time.