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Bike Season 2013 finished

For me the bike reason goes from October 1st to September 30th. So today was the last tour of the season, all tours still coming in 2013 will count to the season 2014 as “winter training”.

So what’s the statistic for the year?

  • At the end of December and in January, a couple of times working on the Ergometer in the living room, 960km to be more exact. Not enough to really conserve fitness into the spring, so I had to start slowly again.
  • Road-bike:
    • 5225 km in total, 57 tours, average 91,7km per tour;
      comparing to last year, a bit less km, fewer tours, but longer tours.
    • In total 210 hours of riding time; 25,22km/h total average speed
    • 43.300 meters total altitude
    • 34 Tours < 100km (Ø 70,1 km; 555m altitude, 25,19 km/h)
    • 23 Tours > 100km (Ø 123,6 km; 1063m altitude, 25,26 km/h)
  • Mountainbike: only used 4 times, 130km

Already looking forward to the next season (and hopefully that starts on coming Thursday) 🙂 and a “golden autumn”.

Link to my biking-page

Black Forest Tour

A few weeks ago on a Saturday tour, we found out that we have a common week of vacation. We, that is Brigitte and Hartmut Krist-Priem, we were on Mallorca in spring this year. So… what not ride a black-forest tour? Like ordered, the sun came out today, after two cold days, and presented a nice summer day. After my weekly biking announcement, another cyclist joined, Michael Strang.

So we started out at 10, still a little cold. After the first downhill, the first real UPhill section, from Station Teinach to Sommenhardt helped to warm up. The typical black forest terrain, up, down, up, down, … helps to stay warm further 😉

We reached Simmersfeld early enough, shortly after 1pm. I had announce that here we can decide how to continue… as we felt OK, we decided for the slightly longer tour. So we took the downhill to Enzklösterle, nice and freshly paved, I was here 2-3 years ago the last time. The uphill via the “Poppeltal” is not steep, rolling upwards easily pedaling.

After the next downhill part, we reach Erzgrube, where we can refresh with some cake, coffee, and typical local mixed fruit drink (“Schorle”). Re-charged, we continue the fast way down to Altensteig, Nagold, Wildberg… we had enough hills now. Just a last climb via Gültlingen to Deckenpfronn and then rolling home.

In summary: 161,9km with 24,5 kmh average 1545m altitude.

I think all of us liked it, for sure I did! 🙂

(German version including GPS-Track also on our RSG-Website)

First time black forst tour this season

The first weekend with really great weather this summer… After a easy-going tour (70km) yesterday to warm up, a first highlight today: a real black-forest tour. We are two as three others were bound otherwise and could not come with us.

So starting with the usual way via “7-Tannen” to Station Teinach, the side-way up to Sommenhardt and onwards direction Oberreichenbach. Before reaching that, turning left via Agenbach to Neuweiler (found a really nice side-road here) and on via Hofstett and Aichhalden to Simmersfeld (picture).

We reached here in record speed… just about 12:00, so we continue to Besenfeld. Well, the main road has a lot of motor bikes, but OK. Than the fantastic down-hill section to Erzgrube, and already announced here “motor-free upper Nagold-Tal” today!

So we continued the downhill road to Altensteig together with thousands of bikers (non-motor!) and Inline-skaters… not a single car or motor-cycle, fantastic!

The usual break in Altensteig… Cake and Coffee … onwards in more record-breaking speed via Nagold until Wildberg, the motor-free section continued until here, almost 50km in total! So with free road and wind-shade riding, we reached 27 km/h as total average. After Wildberg we split up. Otfried was in better shape and we would split after the climb anyway, so no need for him to wait for me.

Total: 155km with 26,4 km/h average, roughly 6 hours riding time with 1375m altitude. Not bad 😉