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Road-Bike End-of-season tours

The weather this weekend was unusually good for November. So we did a first seson-end tour on Saturday and another one on Sunday 🙂

On Saturday one of my favourite “short” tours, via  Aidlingen, 7-Tannen, downhill via Holzbronn into the Nagold valley, up the hill at Seitzental … wow, what colors, deep green grass, deep blue sky and yellow/red leaves… still have goose-bumps…. and then the side-way towards the traditional “Wildberg-View”:

Wild-Berg Blick: Wolfgang, Peter, Siggi, Ralf, Ulli, Herbert und Ali hat das Bild gemacht.
Wildberg View: Wolfgang, Peter, Siggi, Ralf, Ulli, Herbert and Ali took the picture

With the way back via Sulz, Kuppingen and Gärtringen we went in total 80km.

On Sunday we did another tour: via Herrenberg, Ă–schelbronn, Bondorf and Ergenzingen into the Eyach valley and then to Haigerloch. From there on some side roads that I remembered in most parts from an RTF earlier this year towards Rottenburg and continues to TĂĽbingen. On a 8th of November with best possible weather, sitting with cakes and coffee in the sun… how could this ever be any better 🙂

With the short return via Bebenhausen to Holzgerlingen the total tour was 102km.

We’ll continue to ride with the Mountainbike, but we’ll see if the weather will bring us another “year-end roadbike tour”…

Hello world!

Today I start to migrate my Homepage to WordPress. For some time the old pages will be available under, until all relevant content has been migrated. The old Homepage was developed completely from scratch, with knowledge and a basic editor. That was a hobby and a “aspirational goal” to be able to manage that myself. But hobbies change and the Web has developed so rapidly, that managing this by hand is no longer possible with a few hours here and there.