… will do it tomorrow – procrastination

The term “procrastination” is now around for some time and became something like a fashionable thing, kind of scientifically used “term” to describe what most procrastinators are a bit ashamed of.

I think I’m a normal guyhere. From time to time I procrastinate… but I tend to be aware, and so I have a certain level of control. Actually, at work I installed a anti-procrastination plugin on Firefox to prevent from internet surfing when I shouldn’t… it works for me.

For a few months now, I regularly read the blog of Tim Urban: waitbutwhy.com, he writes fantastic, very long and thoroughly researched, articles about interesting, usually scientific, topics. He seems to be a master procrastinator, he wrote an Article about this some time ago.

TED is another source of very interesting, usually 15 minute long, often inspiring Talks, often presented in a entertaining and fun way.

And in March 2016 the two crossed the way, Tim gave a TED Talk … about procrastination 🙂

… very much worth reading: his preparation for the TED Talk.

And very worth watching: the TED Talk.