Good biking week

The last 5 days I collected a good number of kilometers on the bike. First on Thursday the evening tour with the “Lauftreff Holzgerlingen” (57,3km) , then on Friday a smaller tour alone, to stay warm… (41km).

On Saturday then the RSG/fratelli tour. This time a ride via Bondorf and returning via Entringen, Mönchberg and Herrenberg up via the “bee path” (80km, Tour at GPSies). Great disappointment in Mönchberg, the spring/fountain is currently “closed” for renovation. No clear, cold spring-water for refreshment in the next several weeks.

On Sunday then the planned RSG club tour into the Black Forrest, to Simmersfeld. Finally we were 5 riders, one missed the start and called us a bit later so we waited for him in Gärtringen (thanks to cell phones). The tour was the “shortest” possible Simmersfeld-tour, but with summer temperatures of up to 35°C, no detours were planned. In Altensteig we had a nice break with cake and coffee. The first time since 3 years I chose Emmingen to climb back up out of the Nagold-valley. This is a nice alternative, in the town Emmingen are a few very steep passages, but after town, the rest is a nice climb and with partial Forrest and shade. So the longest weekend-tour was 120km and 1060m altitude (Tour at GPSies).

For the holiday today (Whit Monday), we chose to do only a smaller tour with about 75km and 630m altitude. In total this week: 372,5 km and 3160m altitude. The first summer weekend nicely used 🙂