Delete Blood Cancer

Herbert-Peru-MachuPicchu-DKMSFor a lot of years I am registered as potential donor of stem cells at the DKMS Germany (DKMS UK / DKMS US). Patients with Leukemia urgently need a stem cell donation to live. Their stem cells have to be killed/removed to cure the cancer and then have to be replaced with new ones from a donator.

Years ago, the donation was a difficult process, but this is no longer true. Today the stem cell donation is a relatively simple process and not dangerous at all. More information can be found on the DKMS pages.

For a donation, the donator has to match strict criteria compared to the patient. The likelihood for a match is in the range of hitting the jackpot in a lottery. Therefore it is important that as many people as possible register as donators!

On 28.5. is international day against blood cancer.

Join in!