Migrating the multi-languange plugin

In the last 2 days I did some maintenance work on my Web-site (as I’m on vacation 😉 ). About 2 years ago, when I started using WordPress, after an evaluation phase, I started to use qtranslate as WP-Plugin. It did exactly what I wanted, lightweight, and well supported, making it easy to blog in multiple languages.

About 6 months later the author obviously got a new job and had no time anymore for the plugin maintenance. Soon after the problems started, and it became a pain. With WP 3.6 it will stop working altogether… so I had to migrate.

So I had to go back and evaluate plugins and decided for WPML. I bought the “CMS” Version and since yesterday work on the migration of the live-site. Sunday/Monday I did several test migrations on my laptop to verify what needs to be done.

Conclusion: it works, but the migration causes a lot of manual cleanup work.

Current status: the “pages” should all be OK (meaning status as before), but the blog-entries are not yet “clean”. Some of the German entries contain all 3 languages beneath each other, but the entries do not show up at all in their respective translated versions. This needs to be cleaned manually.

If I have time and feel like it after finishing the work, I may write a more complete report, how the migration worked step by step.