First tour on Mallorca – Cala de Sant Vincenç

The vacation did not start well. Last week Tuesday it started with a pretty bad cough, which slowly became better, but during the night to Saturday, the day of the flight, the nose started… developing a good head cold. And then on Sunday I felt so bad that I think it may have been the flu/influenza that got me. So I stayed “in bed”, just some light walking to the beach enjoying a bit of sun…

And then today, I already feel a lot, a lot better. So I did the tour that my group did yesterday… just to test out, very slowly, enjoying the warmth of the sun.


From Can Picafort to Cala Sant Vincenç it’s only 32km… with a slow average of 23km/h.

Bad luck again … first malfunction. A spoke on the back wheel is broken… have to get back to the hotel and bike-station, fortunately I got my bike-tools with me.