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Terry Pratchett’s hard disk destroyed with steam roller

Terry Prachett, April 2005
Terry Prachett, April 2005

Terry Pratchett is one of my favorite authors. He was not only a great author, but also a “original character” himself.

It seems like one of his last wishes was that nobody should “finish” and publish the books he was still working on. Although he could not use a computer anymore himself, he was dictating texts for several books, as long as he was still able to do that, due to his Alzheimer disease.

Now his last wish was fulfilled. The hard disk of his last computer was crushed with a steam roller.

Terry Pratchett’s unfinished novels crushed by a steamroller

What I really like with this story is that despite these modern commercialized times, this last obligation was indeed fulfilled by one of his closest friends.

… will do it tomorrow – procrastination

The term “procrastination” is now around for some time and became something like a fashionable thing, kind of scientifically used “term” to describe what most procrastinators are a bit ashamed of.

I think I’m a normal guyhere. From time to time I procrastinate… but I tend to be aware, and so I have a certain level of control. Actually, at work I installed a anti-procrastination plugin on Firefox to prevent from internet surfing when I shouldn’t… it works for me.

For a few months now, I regularly read the blog of Tim Urban:, he writes fantastic, very long and thoroughly researched, articles about interesting, usually scientific, topics. He seems to be a master procrastinator, he wrote an Article about this some time ago.

TED is another source of very interesting, usually 15 minute long, often inspiring Talks, often presented in a entertaining and fun way.

And in March 2016 the two crossed the way, Tim gave a TED Talk … about procrastination 🙂

… very much worth reading: his preparation for the TED Talk.

And very worth watching: the TED Talk.

… to get the FooFighters to Italy

Really bad luck that Dave Grohl broke his leg during a gig a few days, before the concert in St. Gallen was planned, where I had a ticket. So I have to wait some more time until I can see FF again.

Looks like the FooFighters haven’t been to Italy before. And what these guys and girls do to change that… is great. And I think their dream will become true… soon 🙂