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This week I encountered this website/blog:

I was quite aware of this specific issue, before finding this site. If you talk “other” languages, you will automatically have that problem at times, there are certain terms or sayings that you just cannot translate, meaning will get lost. But its interesting to see that a professional translator, fluent in three languages, has this problem also, and even finds it interesting enough to dedicate a blog to this topic.

Just another small piece in the puzzle that makes me believe that computer translations will never really work perfectly. 🙂

Copyright? Just wanna watch a movie…

After the Youtube-Clip yesterday, I wanted to spontaneously watch “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”, have not seen that a long time.Looks like no one wants my money, could not find it to buy/rent for download. DVD? Come on… that’s sooo last century, not going to wait days, Saturday evening is now. I’m relatively sure I could find it somewhere in the Internet…? But not my style… reading is better anyways, got magazines and a Kindle…

On the topic: Article by Johnny Häusler: Ich heb dann mal ur – Spreeblick (in German!)